QDC Predator Waterblocks

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With the exciting arrival of  the New Predator Liquid Cooling System solution, Ek Water Blocks have unveiled a new QDC VGA waterblock all ready to go.This new VGA water block is pre filled with Clear coolant and ships with fittings and strong black tubing and ready to be fastened to your favourite Predator Liquid Cooling System and fixed to any position, these waterblocks are a must. With lots of liquid cooling fittings for your water cooling system plus more.Entend your Predatotor PC Liquid Cooling System today with a QDC waterblock.

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Server Processors Australia

Xeon Processors Online

Lightening your server load has always been a complex and time consuming task. With the appearance of the new Intel Xeon E3-1200 V5 series server processors this problem has been addressed  wih state art encoding features as well as on selected processots Intel HD P530 onboard graphics. with this advance Intel have upgraded Server performance while enhancing lower cost of server ownership.But at the same time keeping reliability and enterprise applications as a major priority on your Enterprise servers running enviroment.

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Gaming Store Australia

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Cool Down your hungry game down today with the latest range of Gaming Laptops available now from MSI and ASUS Gaming. All of these new Gaming Laptops and Notebooks Australia are now armed with new range of intel Mobile Skylake processors to help you to zip through your gaming experience faster with new Gigabit networks and no lag. With advanced high definition graphics onboard, you are sure not to miss a thing with improved frame rates and crystal screen technology to match your gaming experience. Shop Laptops Online Australia

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Internal Hard Drives

Internal PCIe Storage

We are all after faster computers with greater options for faster storage and speed.With the release of the new Samsung PCIe solid stae drive speed as well as storage capacities. All of these new PCIe solid state drives come in 512B and 256MB capacities on the PCIe M.2 PCIe solid state drive interface to allow capability with most desktop systems available today. running on the Z170 and X99 chipsets As usual with Samsung solid state hard drives are all featuring tool less installation allowing you to have your system up in a flash with fast PCIe SSD Storage.