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Build the Perfect Computer With The best and newest Computer Hardware Available

Go And Build your dream computer with all the latest computer hardware australia and liquid cooling hardware available in Australia today. Suitable for Computer DIY Builds and great as a starting point for your custom Computer projects. You can change visual appearance of almost every element in your computer not to mention endless Liquid Cooling Hardware Solutions to suit any need and situation.

Computer Liquid Cooling Hardware Australia

With the exciting arrival of the New NVIDIA GTX 1070, Ek Water Blocks have unveiled a new NVIDIA GTX 1070 series waterblock all ready to go and cool the new NVIDIA video Cards Today. These waterblocks are available in two finishes to compliment any computer hardware and style. Make it a stylish and Cool Computer with Cooling Australia Hardware now.

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STRIX Gaming Motherboards Australia

Experience a change of gaming motherboard hardware, Like a breathe of cool fresh air is the New ROG STRIX X99 Series gaming motherboard look and approach all with new RGB lighting onboard, STRIX X99 deliver the experience and features you have come to expect from their Gaming range of motherboards, with the quality to match.Try one today.

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NVMe PCIe Solid State Internal Hard Drive

We are all after faster computers with greater options for faster storage and speed.With the release of the new internal NVMe PCIe solid state drive speed as well as storage capacities. With new NVMe internal solid state drives two choices are available. these M.2 and PCIe plug in cards, with 3 times the storage speed of a normal SSD. Remove the lag today and Upgrade to a PCIe solid state drive

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Mobile Gaming Laptops Computer Hardware

Cool Down your hungry game down today with the latest range of Gaming Laptops available now. THe GX700V0 delivers brilliant performance onboard from latest Intel and NVIDIA gaming computer hardware alongside the hydro cooling system for advanced overclocking.  Turns heads with the ASUS liquid cooled Gaming Notebooks Australia all available here now .

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EK_FC 1080 short top Acrylic liquid cooling Waterblock



         New 1080 GTX Short Top Nickel Liquid Cooling Waterblock


  EK Release the Awesome new GeForce 1080 GTX Liquid Cooling Full Cover Waterblock For Reference Graphics Cards based on Pascal GP104 nVIDIA graphics processor. EK-FC1080 GTX water block features a central inlet split-flow cooling engine design for best possible cooling performance, which also works flawlessly with reversed water flow without adversely affecting the cooling performance.

The Awesome new GeForce 1080 GTX short Top Liquid Cooling Full Cover Waterblock For Reference Graphics Cards based on Pascal GP104 nVIDIA graphics processor is finally here available in six design and color variations. If for any reason the variation you maybe be after to match your case theme or computer build design , contact our EK team here at JPComputer Solutions and we will order the waterblock in for you. Ek have also have released the new GTX 1070 series waterblocks for reference graphics cards this week with all our GTX 1070 waterblocks onsite in our Liquid Cooling department.


EK have also just released new GTX 1080 series Liquid Cooling Waterblocks,which are also now available for ASUS STRIX 1080 GTX and GIGABYTE G1 series GTX 1080 Series performance Graphics Cards.









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intel Broadwell-E desktop Gaming Processors

                Deliver more gaming Power.With Intel Computer Hardware

The Powerful new Intel Core i7-6950X doesn’t just lead its class - it redefines it. With Intel Core i7 6950X processor you can run several CPU –heavy programs simultaneously, without sacrificing performance. Your PC is your studio to produce amazing 4K or 360-degree high definition videos, stunning High resolution photos, or amazing music studio audio. You can do it all with an up to 10-core, 20-thread processor. A 35% improvement in multi-threaded 3D rendering speed versus the previous generation and up to 2x better multi-threaded 3D-rendering performance versus our latest 4 core processor means you can spend more time creating and less time waiting. Experience fast High Definition video encode, image rendering, audio production, and real-time previews that you can check out on a bank of monitors at the great resolution.All are meant to enhance all the latest NVMe storage for greater speeds.


Intels new line of Broadwell-E processors have all slimmed down to 14nm while not comprimising on performance - it’s a true work of art. Best of all they are available now with free shipping.