Networking Switches Australia


Network Switches

Network switches have long been generally compatible with 10/100 networks, which are sufficient for most home or small office networks, to bring you error-free data transactions. Gigabit network switches are available for even faster tranfer rates,all available with Mini-GIBC as well other module connections for fast optinum networks.You will also have choice between managed Layer 2, Layer 3 network switches and unmanaged network switches as well.


Transmit More swiftly with Wired Network Switches


Mainstream consumers like switches capable of QOS, as they offer an effective way to transfer and transmit data packets, video, and audio files. If you're from an online gaming  community, for instance, you might use a QOS capable gaming switch to improve your gaming experience. Network Switches generally will accept crossover CAT-5e cables and so-called Cat-5e and CAT-6 straight cables.