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Buying Power Supply units is like buying a computer online Australia with the major questions being about if you will upgrade in future and the computer hardware australia you can upgrade to meaning graphics cards. If the answer is yes and you like to game on your computer then the answer is the larger the better and always stick to the trusted brands which deliver quality Power Supply units day after day. Also use a good computer online store australia Like JP Computer

For a long time the power Supply unit was a component in your computer which existed in obscurity, rarely seen or noticed only when your computer would not start. All of these times changed in the blink of a eye, with the emergance of high powered systems with multi video cards and multi hard drive raid storage arrays. The desktop power supplies has rocketed in importance to being the second most important component in the desktop computer today behind the Processor.


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Sourcing Server Power supply units can be a different kettle of fish to their desktop brothers, but the gap between is closing rapidly with many desktop power supplies units being designed with Server grade power rails and with Server grade power supply grunt under the cover. The Power Supply design also include better Platinum PLUS power supplies efficiency and less fan noise, due to eco designs on some modelstoday.

JP Computer is proud to supply and support quality desktop power supplies units for Gaming, home computing and for enterprise level applications. These brands include ANTEC, BitFenix, CORSAIR, COUGAR, Fractal Design, EVGA, Silverstone, Thermaltake and SUPERMICRO ready to power your computer hardware australia into the future and beyond.