D-LINK DHP-540 PowerLine AV500 4-Port Switch

• 4-Port Switch
• up to 500Mpbs
• DHP-540

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Product Description


Give Your Favorite Devices Their Own Prioritized Gigabit Ethernet Port. They'll Love You For It. 
Boasting transfer rates up to 500Mbps** and D-Link's QoS Traffic Optimization Technology Engine to prioritize bandwidth, the PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch has the performance and the smarts to handle any digital demands you can throw at it. High performance online gaming or seamless 1080p HD video streams always get top bandwidth priority. With this switch in your home or office you can organize and manage your traffic flow and get the most out of your broadband connection. Go Ahead: Skype, download, stream, chat, game, surf – PowerLine lets you do it all at once, from anywhere in your home without annoying glitches or lags in your digital entertainment.

Connect to Anything, Anywhere: PowerLine Meets Your Digital Demands.
Run your desktop and multiple laptops off your wireless router upstairs and simultaneously power and prioritize bandwidth for your entire digital entertainment center in the basement. With a PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch you can extend any existing PowerLine network to deliver up to 500Mbps** speed and connectivity over the existing wiring of your building's electrical system. HDTVs, the Boxee Box by D-Link, Blu-Ray Players, network storage drives, Xbox® 360, Playstation 3, security cameras - power them all, all at once, without annoying glitches or lags. With a PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch you not only have the freedom to connect your favorite devices anywhere you need them, but also the 500 Mbps** speed and advanced QoS optimization to prioritize heavier traffic, and deliver seamless digital entertainment.

Create a Wall-To-Wall Home Network, Instantly.
PowerLine technology transmits data along the wiring of a building's existing electrical system, providing a secure and reliable broadband connection to places impossible to reach with a wireless signal. Use your PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch to extend your PowerLine network and deliver performance up to 500Mbps** connectivity exactly where you need it. Just connect your Internet source device to any PowerLine Adapter, plug the PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch into any electrical outlet*, and connect up to 4 high-performance devices to the Switch. Power your entertainment center and keep your home clean and cable-free. PowerLine is the ideal networking solution for homes or small offices where concrete walls, successive floors in multi-storied buildings, or other architectural impediments can significantly weaken wireless coverage and create dead spots.

Get Wireless Freedom and Wired Reliability.
Because a PowerLine Network is hard-wired, there is no external ambient interference common to even the most powerful wireless systems. PowerLine network technology is HomePlug AV compliant and works across phases in your building's electrical box to transmit data reliably by intelligently adapting to the strongest signal channels. Data and electricity transmit at very different frequencies, so there's never a problem of electrical interference or shorting with a PowerLine device.

Setup? PowerLine is Plug and Play. And That's It.
Extending your PowerLine network to your favorite high-performance devices with a PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch is a cinch. Just plug it in to any conventional power outlet* and D-Link's Simple Connect button will establish a 128-bit security encrypted connection with your existing PowerLine network in a flash. With a PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch there are no cables to run, holes to drill or wireless signals to configure - extending your existing PowerLine network is as easy as plug and play.

Create An Ultra-Secure Home Network.
The PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch protects your network with 128-bit AES data security encryption - the same technology used in E-commerce or online banking. Create your own network name and password or put it at the tip of your fingers with 'Push Button Security' standard on every PowerLine device. With hassle-free plug and play installation, and advanced security the PowerLine AV 500 4-Port Gigabit Switch is not only one of the fastest networking solutions available, it's also one of the safest.

Get Ready for the Future - IPV6 Equipped
With the growing number of Internet-enabled applications requiring IP addresses, the supply of IP addresses under the current Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) system has already been exhausted. The IPv6 protocol solves this network addressing exhaustion by creating more IP addresses, but migration from IPv4 to IPv6 is not necessarily automatic. No worries - This D-Link product is IPv6 Certified and ready for the future.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Learn More About D-LINK DHP-540 PowerLine AV500 4-Port Switch
Brand D-Link
Model DHP-540
Product Type Powerline Switch Kit
Hardware Specifications Port No 4-Port
Speed 500 Mbps
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime


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