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Koolance CTR-CD1224 With Display Pump Fan Controller

• Single Bay
• Single 5.25 inch Pump and fan controller
• LCD Display
• Single 5.25 inch Mounting


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Product Description


The Koolance CTR-CD1224 is a pump and fan speed controller and temperature monitoring unit in a 5.25in drive bay profile. The maximum pump output can be set for 12V or 24V. This unit incorporates a 2-line OLED display for user control and feedback.

Configure a dynamic fan ramp based on min/max temperature set points
• Show flow rate in LPM or GPM (optional Koolance flow meter required)
• Controls a 12VDC (max 36W) or 24VDC (max 50W) pump with 10 user levels
• Fan output up to 2A (12VDC) on each connector
• Show pump and fan RPM
• Select only the values you want displayed
• Adjust alarm and shutdown points independentally for all 3 temperature sensors (included)
• Shutdown relay can be configured as normally-open or normally-closed
• Powered by a 12VDC input

The Koolance CTR-CD1224 has three fan outputs. To connect more than three fans, simply add them together with a fan wiring harness. A pump wiring harness is included for powering a Koolance PMP-300, PMP-400, PMP-450, PMP-450S, or PMP-500 pump.

CAUTION: Do not operate components at voltages which exceed their specifications. Running a 12V-max pump at 24V from the speed controller can damage the pump. Do not connect devices which exceed the controller’s maximum power rating (36W@12V, 50W@24V).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Learn More About Koolance CTR-CD1224 12V or 24V With Display Pump Fan Controller
Brand Koolance
Model CTR-CD1224
Product Type Liquid Cooling Pump Fan Controller
Hardware Specifications Size 5.25 drive
Pump Fan Controller single Bay
Display OLED
Manufacturer Warranty 1-Year


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