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Hard Tubing


Hard Tubing Liquid Cooling Australia

With the new exciting hard tubing in your watercooling loop, the impossible bends are now become an easy task. With hard tubing you can mildly heat the tubing and use a bending kit it will set at the degrees of the bend, it is sort of like watching blowing glass. After that you are set to put your hard tubing in your watercooling system all with no kinks and with the desired shape to set off your liquid cooling system.


PETG PC Liquid Cooling Hard Tubing


If you are ready to build the striking watercooling system of your dreams, solid hard tubing is the way to go with PETG solid tube so easy to work with and delivers great bending results. PETG Solid Hard Tube is constructed from superior PETG material which is reliable, non-toxic, and substance free. Thicker walls ensure safe bending operations, enabling the users to make the straightest run as well as tightest bends without the need of excessive compression fittings and 90 degree angle rotary compression fittings. This all adds up to less pieces of tubing within your pc case which reduces case clutter and of course better heat dissipation throughout your liquid cooling system making it a win situation.

Bending and help in the art of bending and syncing your hard tube to the shape and desired look of your liquid cooling system loop, it’s always desirable to use a bending kit specially designed for this task if you are after best results these bending kits are a must. The types of PETG solid hard tubing manipulation and bending are provided by EK Water Blocks, Monsoon, and XSPC and all available now with all the bending tools needed to complete your bends and to give your solid hard tubing the showroom hard tubing effect you have been longing for.