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JPComputer Satisfaction Guarantee

 JPComputer Solutions offers our Customers a 7-day satisfaction replacement except:

  • 7-day replacement guarantee on Retail, OEM and Open Box processors. All refunds on processors will be subjected to a 15% restocking fee to reflect the current market value.
  • All Intel Processors must be returned with original fans if supplied with a thermal Fan to receive warranty
  • All Motherboards must be returned with the socket caps for warranty to be processed.
  • Downloadable software may not be exchanged or returned for a refund after purchase.
  • Manufacturer Kits are different than bundles as they are arranged by the brand/manufacturer and will only have one item number. Warranty guidelines have yet to be stipulated.
  • Items with out of Manufacturer use will not be accepted for refund as per Koolance warranties and terns of use as per pumps and EXOS units.