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SHIPPING & INSURANCE • All prices listed for each product on the website are for cash and pickup payment, and is not inclusive of any shipping charges or insurance. • Starting from August 10th, 2013, any freight charges we quoted are for shipping only and does not include any insurance cover. Insurance will now be optional and charged according to the order value and only cover a maximum value of $5,000 per courier order and for the transit of goods shipped from JPComputer to the customer only. Thus any courier orders which has any goods damaged or lost that insurance has not been paid, will not be replaced/reimbursed. Customer is encouraged to take up insurance if they wish to protect themselves against any damage/loss items in transits. As per the Australian Consumer Law for Postal problems: If your goods go missing or have been damaged in transit, the delivery service (rather than the seller) may be responsible. Contact either the courier company or Australia Post. If they do not resolve your issue, you can contact the Postal Industry Ombudsman. • JPComputer Solutions Pty Ltd does not currently process and ship orders to an overseas address, or has overseas contact address or paid using an overseas creditcard. • All shipping addresses must have complete contact details that can be verified by a phone number (as listed in the Whitepages). • We do not ship orders to a third party, unless JPComputer Solutions Pty Ltd can fully verify all the addresses and contact details as we required. • Delivery to work or non residential addresses must be accompanied with full verifiable details such as company name, address, phone number and contact name. • The customer is responsible to be available for delivery and to sign and accept the goods, redelivery attempts may cost extra and may be passed on to customer if delivery address is unattended. • Redirection of your delivery is available at an extra cost and must be firstly authorised through JPComputer Solutions Pty Ltd, as non authorised redirection will incur hefty charges and will forfeit any insurance claims for loss or damage. • In the event of a refund, any shipping and insurance charges are not refundable unless it is genuinely our fault. • The customer is responsible for all extra freight charges, which include redelivery, redirection, refused shipments and incorrectly given delivery details. • Customers can track their order using the consignment numbers given in your email confirmation and delivery status can be tracked via the courier's website • Shipping charges are calculated by the cubic size or its dead weight, whichever is more. • Goods shipped are packed with adequate protective packing materials, as a result, this may increase the size and weight, however, the risk of damage is minimised greatly. • All claims for damage/theft must be filed with JPComputer Solutions Pty Ltd, we will not file this for you. If goods received seem to have damaged packaging, do not open any original packaging or use the item as it will be deemed as an acceptance of goods and will not be accepted for returns. All original boxes and packing material must be returned to us for proof of evidence. All claims for shortages/incorrect shipment/incorrect billing must be made within 24 hours of receipt of goods. • JPComputer Solutions Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for goods lost or arrived damaged if customers use their own couriers.