Welcome to JP Computer Solutions blog. Gaming is increasingly mobile, in part thanks to the fact that our omnipresent digital sidearms make it easy to play a few rounds whenever a free moment arises. The technology and games have advanced to a point that the experience is really compelling overall, and we saw opportunities to make it even better. The ROG Phone uses an exclusive version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor that’s faster than stock and backed by upgraded cooling that helps sustain peak gaming performance. Graphics look amazing on the no-compromise AMOLED, which combines the smoothness and clarity of a 90Hz refresh rate and 1-ms response time with the phenomenal colors and contrast of a wide DCI-P3 gamut and HDR support. On the edges, programmable AirTriggers optimize input while a side-mounted port keeps cables out of the way for a more comfortable grip. You still get all the features of a high-end smartphone, plus tightly integrated accessories for WiGig display, dual-screen play, and gaming desktop day-to-day that allow the ROG Phone to become something much more than just another gaming phone.

Liquid cooling Australia on the Horizon

Liquid Cooling Australia Fans have long requested for more components to build all-ROG rigs, so we're bringing our own style and enhancements to new categories. While our focus on cooling is evident across many products, including the ROG Phone and Strix Scar II and Hero II laptops, the ROG Ryujin and Ryuo are the first stand-alone coolers to bear our name. They’re both based on proven Asetek hardware infused with Aura Sync lighting and capped by a full-color LiveDash OLED that strikes the right balance between purely cosmetic enhancement and functional system monitoring. The Ryuo comes in 120- and 240-mm radiator sizes with fans based on the same Wing-Blade technology as our graphics cards and new PSU. It’s joined by the Ryujin, which pairs industrial-grade Noctua fans with a 240- or 360-mm radiator. This flagship model also adds a premium pump cover and additional fan that help cool VRMs and M.2 SSDs near the CPU socket.

The upcoming Strix gaming cases australia brings everything together with a true family home for all our internal components. Although the case isn’t completely finalized, we’re providing a early look at two designs that blend tempered glass with brushed surfaces. The Strix chassis has room for high-end liquid coolers like the Ryujin 360, and it will include a vertical GPU bracket to showcase Strix graphics cards. Separate addressable lighting zones on the side and front panel plug directly into headers on ROG motherboards, illuminating everything with your personalized palette. There are also woven handles up top for easy carrying to LAN parties.

Liquid cooling Australia Mice for more advanced PC Gaming Speed.

While the chassis contains your build, our new peripherals provide additional set pieces for the rest of your battlestation. A natural fit for both laptops and desktops, the Gladius II Wireless frees our most coveted gaming mouse from the shackles of a USB tether. It pairs RF and Bluetooth technologies with a new Pixart sensor that provides impeccable tracking. We helped optimize the sensor’s power consumption to improve battery life, allowing the Gladius II Wireless to game for 24 hours with the lighting turned off. Aura Sync illumination is still available, and topping up the battery is easy with the included USB cable, which switches the mouse into wired mode for the best possible connection.

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