Danger Den Thermal Pad 0.5mm (80x80x0.5mm)

• 0.5mm (80x80x0.5mm)
• watercooling Thermal Pad
• No mess
• Thermal conductive pad

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Thermal conductive pad for use withdangerDen blocks. This thickness 0.5mm is used mostly for Mosfet blocks and some Full Cover blocks. Please check installation manuals before purchasing to see which thickness you need.

The very flexible structure and low hardness allow great adaptivity to the cooling surface even at low contact pressures. The thermal pad equalizes the effect of irregularities from microscopic scale to visible scratches etc. The surface of the pad is slightly sticky and is equipped with a protective foil when shipped. This foil must be removed before installation. Now the slight adhesive properties of the pad come into play and prevent slipping of the pad on the cooler or cooled element. Of course these pads can also be cut to the desired size. The pads can be used on VRAM modules on graphics cards as well as on the VRM modules on a Mainboard or almost any other application where a high-performance thermal interface is desired. Even elements with large surfaces such as North- or Southbridge on a Mainboard are no problem for this thermal pad as it has great thermal conductivity.

• Thermal conductivity: 3,0-5,0 W/mK
• Dimension: 70 x 50 x 0.5mm

Manufacturer Danger Den
Learn More About Danger Den Thermal Pad 0.5mm (80x80x0.5mm) Thermal Pad B
Brand DangerDen
Model DD-80x80
Product Type Liquid Cooling Interface Pad
Hardware Specifications Size 0.5mm (80x80x0.5mm)
Interface Thermal Pad
Thermal conductivity 3,0-5,0 W/mK
Warranty 1-Year
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