Koolance Quick Disconnect VL4N-F16-19S Extreme Female

• Nickel-plated brass
• threaded female fitting
•16mm, 5/8" x 19mm, 3/4"
• koolance australia

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Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

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Koolance (patent-pending) quick-disconnect no-spill shutoff valve. 16mm (5/8") ID, 19mm (3/4") OD (common Tygon tubing size) male straight connection with compression fitting.
It will only fit any Koolance VL4N Extreme Flow male shutoff valve.

Liquid Cooling Australia Nickel VL4N Female Quick Disconnects

After a quarter twist, the quick-disconnect nozzles will separate. Liquid on both sides will be automatically obstructed with only 0.2mL freed. Nozzles are nickel-plated brass.


Quick Connect Extreme Flow Shut-Off No Spill Couplings

Koolance quick disconnects (VL4) are specially designed no spill fittings which automatically shut-off coolant flow upon disconnection. The flow path is re-established when the couplings are connected. Quick disconnects are very useful for areas in a water cooling or plumbing system which are altered and moved frequently. They can also increase convenience when draining a  Liquid cooling system.

 Connected Quick Disconnects

All Koolance VL4 Extreme Flow disconnects Compression fittings shutoffs work by having an internal valve which opens and closes as needed. Both male and female fittings contain a "plunger" that is spring-activated. When connected, the valves on both sides remain open to allow coolant to pass through. When disconnected, each side immediately self-seals. Koolance's current couplings are considered "no-spill" or "dry-break". This means very little coolant is freed upon disconnection. The insides of the fittings may be wet, but there is generally not enough liquid to form a drop on either side of the disengaged VL4 Extreme Disconnects.

Not Connected Quick Disconnects

Manufacturer Koolance
Learn More About Koolance VL4N-F16-19S Extreme Flow Female Quick Disconnect
Brand Koolance
Model VL4N-F16-19S
Product Type Liquid Cooling No-Spill Coupling Quick Disconnect
Hardware Specifications Max Pressure @ 25°C 8kgf/cm2 (113.8psi)
Max Temperature 100°C (212°F)
Warranty 1-Year
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