Koolance Tubing Clear 1/4inch ID 3/8inch OD

• UV Clear 6mm
• minimum length 1m
• watercooling hose

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Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

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Liquid Cooling Tubing no matter the thickness has always been the most important and key part of your cooling system and nothing has changed in this liquid cooling system respect. Clear transparent Liquid UV Reactivetransparent clear liquid cooling tubing
cooling PVC tubing made by Koolance is quality liquid cooling clear tubing made to high quality standards and made to last as well as protecting your coolant whether it being high performance or low conductivity watercooling coolant.Koolance is usable in all installation with its primary feature include flexible and cosmetic design features in whatever case or liquid cooling sytem its used in.

Clear Transparent UV Reactive Tubing for watercooling

Koolance HOS-06CL Clear UV-reactive PVC tubing: 6mm (1/4") internal diameter, 10mm (3/8") external diameter. (Note: KoolanceTubing is priced per metre. If you purchase more than 1 metre, it will come in one uncut piece.).Clear UV-reactive PVC tubing with 6mm (1/4inch) internal diameter, 10mm (3/8inch) external diameter. Bend radius is approximately 22mm (0.9inch). Tubing is priced per foot, 30.5cm. If you purchase more than 1 foot, it will come in one uncut piece.

Manufacturer Koolance
Learn More About Koolance HOS-06CL Clear 06mm (1/4inch) ID 10mm (3/8inch) OD Tubing
Brand Koolance
Model HOS-10CL
Product Type Liquid Cooling Tubing
Hardware Specifications Color Clear
Size 1/4 inch
Warranty 1-Year
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