Mayhems 10ml UV Red Dye Liquid Concentrate

• Red
• 10ml
• watercooling concentrate

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Mayhems award winning Dyes are the world’s number one choice for creating a unique colour within the customers Water-cooled system. The aforementioned dyes are also known for being the brightest dyes currently available on the market. In addition we also encourage the end-user to mix and match differing colours in order to achieve their own variation.


All the dyes in Mayhems dye range have been tested so they all work with each other and can be mixed to create any colour the user wishes. We have gone though many different dyes to make sure what you get works and works well.
Our dyes can be used with any premixed liquids, Water, Coolant that is not alcohol based.

Manufacturer Mayhems
Learn More About Mayhems 10mL UV Red Dye Concentrate
Brand Mayhems
Model Mayhems-Red
Product Type Liquid Cooling Concentrate
Hardware Specifications Color Red
Type Concentrate
Solution Type Red Dye
Warranty 1-Year
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