Mayhems Pastel Concentrate Perfect Pink 250ml

• Mayhems Pastel Perfect Pick
• Liquid Concentrate
• Pastel Extreme
• 100ml

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Be Ready to add the awesome solid Pastel Perfect Pink striking design,touch and feel to your watercooling system? In the Pastel series Mayhems had once invested in cooperation with Ice Dragon Cooling over two years of development time, and finally explains the coolant after long test series for market-ready. With its outstanding color and cooling properties - the coolant to ensure even lower temperatures - it trumps the manufacturer any other comparable product on the market. The Pastel Assortment combines several great aspects that using one's own hue mixture of "Mayhem (UV) Dye" in our range over nano fluid through to unique Mayhems Magic rich themselves. The lifetime in the system are Mayhems also with ordinary two years.

With the Pastel Perfect Pink concentrate Mayhems contest the next step in the evolution of its coolants. The nano-fluid with only 100 ml colors - depending on the desired intensity - up to 3.5 liters of coolant (eg Mayhems Ultrapure H20.) A, however, is a particularly strong staining, apply to only 2 liters recommended. The Pastel Extreme concentrate is supplied in a UV-protected, sealed aluminum container in which it is unopened up to 8 years Stable and residual liquid can be stored safely after use.

Mix purified water to make 1litre of performance coolant.

 Liquid Coolant Concentrate Characteristics:
• low electrical conductivity
• biological growth inhibition
• Fliptop
• Low Electrical Conductivity
• Shelf Stable Pastel of up to 2 years
• content 100 mL
• Color Perfect Pink

Manufacturer Mayhems
Learn More About Mayhems Pastel Perfect Pink100ml
Brand Mayhems
Model 0609224351464
Product Type Liquid Cooling Concentrate
Hardware Specifications Specific High Thermal Conductivity
Electrical Conductivity Low
Volume 250ml
Color Perfect Pink
Warranty 1-Year
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