Monsoon PETG White Tubing 12mm / 16mm 4 x 90cm Pack

• White Opaque hard tubing
• Hardline PETG Hose
• 1/2 ' x 5/8"
• 4 x 90cm
• Monsoon watercooling

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If you are ready for High quality flexible Quality PETG liquid cooling tubing Acrylic PETG Hardline from Monsoon allows you to route your tube runs exactly where you want them and eliminates all those unsightly and expensive adapters, tube coils, etc. for the cleanest, most economical loop installations.

If you are ready for extreme supreme watercooling to your system, Monsoon has the best shiny PETG hose tubing for supreme watercooling at your disposal.

• Hardline PETG PVC

• Internal diameter (ID): 12 mm (1/2")
• Outer diameter (OD): 16 mm (5/8")

Retail packaging 4 x 90cm
• Color White

Manufacturer Monsoon
Learn More About Monsoon PETG White Tubing 12 / 16mm 4 x 90cm Pack
Brand Monsoon
Model 638142998499
Product Type Hard PETG Liquid Cooling Tubing
Hardware Specifications Specific electrical conductivity of 1µS/cm
Color White
Length 4 x 90cm
Wall Thickness 2mm
Warranty 1-Year
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